Carmichael Creek Neighborhood Association Special Announcement

The Carmichael Creek Neighborhood Association board voted Thursday, Feb. 13 to endorse the upcoming Carmichael Recreation and Park District funding measure. Mail-in ballots for this measure will be sent out on February 24.

Tarry Smith, Administrator of the Carmichael Recreation and Park District and Ron Greenwood, Board Member of the Carmichael Parks Foundation, were guests at our CCNA Board meeting Thursday, Feb. 13. They spoke with us regarding this funding measure. After hearing their presentation and the answers to our questions, the CCNA Board voted unanimously in favor of this additional funding for our parks.

During our meeting, we learned that:

  • Of the 14 or 15 Park Districts in the Sacramento Area, Carmichael is only one of two not supported by an assessment.
  • The District Budget is currently funded by a very small portion of our property taxes, which have steadily declined over the past few years , while costs continue to rise. Over the last four years the District has lost more than $2.5 million in revenue. Expenditures by the district have been reduced. Park employees have been laid off. Park security, maintenance, and upkeep have all suffered. Without additional funding things will continue to deteriorate further.
  • Proceeds of this assessment, if approved, will be used to pay for full-time security patrol of our Parks by a sworn police officer, increased maintenance of all parks, and renovations and improvements to Carmichael Park, La Sierra Community Center, and neighborhood parks, including Sutter/Jensen Community Park.
  • The assessment for a single family parcel will be $44.87 a year,a small investment of less than $.90 a week to have safe and well-maintained parks in Carmichael.

The committee will continue to raise money to complete Phase 1 of the Park Master Plan – the development of a trail through the park from Sutter Avenue to Jensen Gardens. Funds from the assessment will be used to complete Phase 2 of the Masterplan – the construction of an asphalt entry into the park from Sutter Avenue, an asphalt parking lot, , a spur trail connecting the Sutter Avenue to Jensen Garden trail to the northeast corner of the park at Sutter Avenue to Jensen Garden trail to the north east corner of Sutter Park, and atot and school-age play facilities next to the community garden.

This is our opportunity to preserve and make accessible a jewel of open space within our CCNA boundaries at Sutter/Jensen Community Park while maintaining, improving and developing park space within the Carmichael Recreation and Park District. Support of open space is part of our CCNA Bylaws:

  • Carmichael Creek Neighborhood Association, Inc. Bylaws, Article II. Purpose: “to preserve open space, a semi-rural residential character, and the general quality of life within the Carmichael Creek Neighborhood Preservation Area…through participation in community-wide issues and other means.”

Watch for your ballot in the mail after February 24. Support this funding measure and vote “yes” for well-maintained and safe parks in Carmichael.

Attached are further documents to educate you about the measure. You can also go to for more information.

Thank you for your attention,