Preserving open space and a rural residential character in Carmichael

The Carmichael Creek Neighborhood Association (CCNA) has over 130 household members working together to protect our neighborhood from up-zoning and incompatible development, and to improve and maintain our quality of life. Our goal is preserve this beautiful gem in Carmichael that so many of us call home. Our neighborhood has a rich history, and we are here to protect the surroundings that have sheltered so many for so long.

CCNA Boundary Map


The CCNA boundary is from the corner of California and Sutter Avenues, east on Sutter Avenue to its end; further east on an extension of the line of Sutter Avenue to San Juan Avenue; south to the American River; southwest along the west side of the American River to Stanley Avenue; west on Stanley Avenue to California Avenue; and north on California Avenue to Sutter Avenue. Properties fronting upon or having access to either side of Sutter and Stanley Avenues, and properties fronting upon or having access to the east side of California and the west side of the American River are included.